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December 12th, 2019

I wrote a blog post about signing your work as a developer. If didn't get a chance to check out my post, I gave a quick summary of what signing is.

| Signing is a form of encryption authentication. When encrypting a message in PGP, you are able to sign it with your private key. The recipient could then verify that signature with your public key. This would allow them to verify the message was in fact sent by you.

This same concept of "signing" can apply to files. You can create a digital signature file using encryption to verify the source of a document.

As a result, I wanted to created a repository of all my digital signatures for any files I share online. This provides a way for viewers of my content to verify its source.

Built With:

  • Keybase Pages for hosting
  • Bootstrap 4.0 front end styling
  • PGP for signing

Keybase Pages Hosting:

Keybase Pages are a way to host static sites from the Keybase File System. If you are not familiar with their file system, I would suggest checking it out. A quick summary is that as a Keybase user, you have access to both public and private folders on their servers. Public folders are publicly accessible via URL. Private folders are encrypted. All the content is digitally signed.

To get working with Keybase Pages, all you need to do is upload your html files to the Keybase File System. From there, you point your DNS to the Keybase Pages Api. You can read more about this in the documentation linked above.

Signed Content:

For information around PGP and signing your work as a developer, I would suggest the post I wrote on the subject.

One of the nice features about Keybase Pages is that all content uploaded to it is digitally signed. So all the static site content I am using to host my digital signatures are signed as well.

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